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The Geneva International String Academy invites again for its 2022 edition the wonderful luthier Sandrine Osman to assist all the musicians in bringing the best sound out of their instruments and do any small reparations that could be needed during the academy.

Students will be able to have, at their own expenses, any service which goes from gluing and cleaning the instrument, to everything concerning keys, bridge, sound post...They will also have the possibility to buy strings and other small accessories.

Sandrine Osman works at Pierre Barthel’s workshop in Paris.


Sandrine Osman

Sandrine Osman starts her apprenticeship in 2001 with Xenia Friez in Etampes, France. A year later, she goes to England in the purpose of studying at Newark School of Violin Making.

After a four year course in England, she travels to New York where she works under the guidance of Brice Dupin de Saint Cyr and then to Tel Aviv with Amnon Weinstein. In 2007, she also works for the association « Violin makers without borders », during a mission in Cuba.

In 2008 she comes back to France and joins Pierre Barthel's workshop in Paris. In order to improve her restoration skills, she attends courses with Jean-Jacques Fasnacht (Switzerland), Iris Carr (England) and Anna Ediger (Austria).

Her complete formation allows her to work on restoration projects, new making instruments as well as sound adjustments with musicians which is one of Pierre Barthel's workshop most important activities.

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Sandrine Osman during the 2021 Academy

Concert 2021 at the E. Fitzgerald theatre

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